Sheridan with her favourite teasmades

Sheridan Parsons

Hello! My name is Sheridan. My interest in teasmades began in 2000. I wanted to start an unusual collection and I settled on teasmades when I was in a rebellious frame of mind. My first husband always disliked the bulk and noise of teasmades and adamantly refused to let me have one!

As a genealogist and trainee archivist, my main delight comes from uncovering the hidden history of teasmades, which is dominated by entrepreneurial and innovative British inventors. I also love the thrill of the chase, tracking down new models to share with website visitors.

It is fitting that my maiden name was Green and now my married surname is Parsons, because the Goblin office was once based in Parson’s Green.

By 2015 Sheridan had gathered the worlds largest collection of teasmades, 172 machines acquired over 15 years of dedicated searching. But then a house move forced her to reduce my unique collection.

A percentage of the proceeds from the main ebay sale and from several individual teasmades were donated to Royal Voluntary Service and to Jessie’s Fund in memory of the wonderful teasmade collector John Atack who died earlier in 2015, and in memory of his son, the musician Mike Atack.

Jessie’s Fund is a UK charity helping children with additional and complex needs to communicate and express themselves through the use of music. They work with children in hospices, special schools and in other settings nationwide, giving them access to music-making and to music therapy.

Sheridan now concentrates on collecting only the oldest, rarest, pre 1950 models. Her favourite teasmades are my:

  • George Absolom Teesmade, made in 1932, with original lamp.
  • Goblin with a yellow teapot, made in 1936, found in pristine condition under a house in Australia.
  • Goblin D20, made in 1947 .
  • Ivory Bakelite Tealarm, made by Concentric, c.1948.
  • Brown Bakelite Tealarm, made by Concentric, c.1948.
  • Hawkins LGH 1200b made in 1949.