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How does a Teasmade Work?

The basic operation of a Teasmade is a sealed kettle with a tube passing from the bottom of the kettle out into the tea pot. As the water heats nothing much happens. The water will expand but that will be taken up by the air in the kettle. However, when the kettle boils the water is converted to steam which generates an enormous pressure (like a steam train!) and forces the water out and into the pot. It is quite violent so the tea gets a good stir! Continue reading How does a Teasmade Work?

The Syphon Principle

The tube-fed syphon principle used by nearly all teasmades has been employed in coffee makers for well over a hundred years. This photo of the patented Napierian Coffee Machine, comes from website reader Eunice. The water was heated by a brass lamp under a spherical glass bottle supported by a nickel or brass frame, and was then fed through a nickel or silver plated syphon to the vase. The whole apparatus could be covered by an optional brass cover. Continue reading The Syphon Principle