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1965 Russell Hobbs Electric Tea Maker

The Russell Hobbs Tea Maker was marketed in 1965. It is a fascinating device. For a long time I knew of it as only as a tea maker, but I later discovered that an optional alarm clock with a bakelite-like finish could be plugged into the teamaker on one side and a bedside lamp on the other, making this model Russell Hobbs’ first foray into the teasmade market. Continue reading 1965 Russell Hobbs Electric Tea Maker

1980 Russell Hobbs Chelsea Teamaker 7107

The Chelsea Teamaker 7107, introduced some time after 1980, was a little different from its predecessor. The positions of the ‘Russell Hobbs’ and ‘Chelsea Teamaker’ logos are reversed and a red ‘on’ indicator light has been added in the lower right corner of the kettle. There is also a 7107Q model which looks identical.