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1957 Metamec 850

In around 1957, having made clocks for Teeboy and Pifco, Metamec launched their own teasmade, the model A850. This was arranged like the Goblin Popular with a lamp, a kettle and a round clock. It sold for £9.17.6. It was discontinued in December 1959.

1973 Metamec Teeboy A950

In the early 1970’s (about 1973) Metamec launched their own version of the Teeboy De-luxe. The name had been abandoned by Pifco when they took over the design. They used an existing Metamec clock with a lit dial, the A950. This teasmade was only made for a very short time.

Source: Clifford Bird, ‘Metamec The Clockmaker’, Dereham, Antiquarian Horological Society, 2003