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Caring for a Vintage Teasmade

These tips on caring for your vintage Goblin Teasmade are provided by our enthusuiastic teasmaniac, Doug. He writes: The Goblin Teasmade was designed and made in an era when things were built to last. Hence it is not unusual to find these appliances lasting for 15 to 20 years or more without attention. However, a little TLC can double or treble the teasmade’s active life. Here’s how. Continue reading Caring for a Vintage Teasmade

Spare Parts and Teapots

Spare parts and teapots for vintage teasmades are no longer manufactured. Your options are:

1) Long established electrical shops holding old stocks in their store rooms. If you own a Goblin you could try Hawkins Electrical in Penkridge, telephone 01785 714956. Gordon Hawkins carries a large stocks of parts, including many bought direct from Goblin when their models became obsolete.

2) Ebay – look for single parts for sale, and complete vintage teasmades which can be cannibalised.

3) Clock repairers may hold standard parts in stock.

4) More tips may be found in our other maintenance and repair pages.

Water Dribbling Slowly into the Teapot

If your kettle seems to be boiling just fine, but the water only dribbles into the teapot and it takes forever to fill, there are two likely causes to investigate. The first thing I would check is whether the kettle is sealing properly. Look for signs of leaking or spluttering at the seams, joints, and around the lid, and listen out for localised hissing. If the kettle isn’t sealing, there will not be enough steam pressure to force the water through the spout. Another possibility is that your kettle is suffering from limescale build up in the kettle spout. See this page!