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1949 Hawkins Tecal LGH 1200

This post-war model, launched in 1949, was a radical new styling of the original Hawkins Tecal (pronounced tea-call). It differs from the previous model in that there is no plinth for the teapot. The clock mounting and frame are also different in shape and style. The patent, number 661601, was applied for 1949 by Lawrence George Hawkins and LG Hawkins and Co. To the best of my knowledge this model was not manufactured by Teesmade Engineering. Continue reading 1949 Hawkins Tecal LGH 1200

1967 Ekco Hawkins Hostess TE34

The Ekco Hawkins Hostess TE34 was launched some time between 1967 and 1977. Christine kindly sent pictures of her Hostess TE34. The date of these models is not known but must have been produced between 1967 and 1977 and manufactured at Ekco-Hawkins’ Drury Lane, Hastings address. There is no clue on either the box or the instructions as to a specific date other than a label on the box which states “NEW C.E.E. CODED FLEXIBLE FITTED” and the wires, coloured brown, blue and green/yellow. Continue reading 1967 Ekco Hawkins Hostess TE34