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1980 Russell Hobbs Chelsea Teamaker 7107

The Chelsea Teamaker 7107, introduced some time after 1980, was a little different from its predecessor. The positions of the ‘Russell Hobbs’ and ‘Chelsea Teamaker’ logos are reversed and a red ‘on’ indicator light has been added in the lower right corner of the kettle. There is also a 7107Q model which looks identical.

1982 Swan 870

The Goblin 870 radio model was relaunched as the Swan 870. My teasmaniac colleague Doug writes about his Swan 870: “This was a great bargain – £2 from boot sale. It was so well wrapped I thought it was a Goblin 860 but to my delight it turned out to be a Swan 870. It is now my regular model in use. Continue reading 1982 Swan 870

1982 Swan Teasmade 860

The Goblin 860 was the first teasmade to be rebadged and sold by Swan, in about 1982. For a while Swan were the only company making teasmades in the UK. During the chanegeover period some teasmades were issued with the Swan badge, but with the tea pot and kettle marked with the Goblin name.

1984 Swan Teasmade D01

The Swan D01-P1 was designed by Alan R Birch. He writes:

I designed the D01 for Swan in Birmingam in 1984: I needed the money! As a young and naive design consultant I often agreed to design anything for both the experience and the money. Twenty one years later I’m still designing stuff but recall with very fond memories the time I spent in my studio designing it.

Continue reading 1984 Swan Teasmade D01

1985 Swan Compact 10882

The Swan Compact range took over from the Goblin range in about 1985, commencing with the Swan Compact 10882, a rebadged Goblin Compact 882. It features an integral boiler and china teapot. Apart from the branding it looks very just like the original Goblin 883. Most of this range was made with Swan badging, but some models still featured the Goblin name.

1985 Swan Compact 10883

The Swan Compact 10883 was manufactured from 1985 to 1987. This model features an integral boiler and chrome teapot. It looks very much like the original Goblin 883. Most of this range was made with Swan badging, but some models still feature the Goblin name.

Swan Compact 10883 Instructions