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1970 Goblin Teasmade 834

The Goblin Teasmade model 834 was probably launched October 1970. Goblin Leatherhead records confirm that the 833 series which it replaced were still in production in October 1970. As with the D31 this model specifies a 40w candle bulb.

1970 Goblin Teasmade 835

The first 835 production model came off the line in June 1970, and the new model was officially launched in October 1970. (Date confirmed via Goblin Leatherhead records). The 835 was given a substantial face-lift, with fashionable squared styling, and new side lights with white plastic angular covers, but it retained the same clock and movement as the outgoing D25d and the more recent 834. The detachable tray at the front of the unit was a new feature, designed to carry the cups and teapot up and down stairs. Continue reading 1970 Goblin Teasmade 835

1970 Goblin Teasmade D25d

The Goblin Teasmade model D25d was launched in 1970. It featured a modern brushed stainless steel clock face. The kettle and teapot were no longer set diagonally. The new style kettle and teapot, the same as those on the 834, had a short transfer tube leading to the spout of the teapot instead of to a feeder hole in the pot lid. The teapot had a black lid. The socket was the same circular type as on the D25c. Continue reading 1970 Goblin Teasmade D25d

1971 Goblin Teasmade 835b

The Goblin Teasmade 835b probably appeared in 1971. The red neon light cover on this model is a dummy with no bulbholder or wiring. This is a hangover from the 835, which had a light which illuminated when the alarm sounded, now discontinued. This model had a variable volume buzzer.

1971 Model Engineer

In March 1971 Model Engineer featured a short article on building your own Automatic Tea-Maker. The writer was S. Orme. The instructions require an aluminium teapot to be converted into a kettle using a side-entry element, and any electric alarm clock. Unfortunately a complete model was not illustrated.

1972 Goblin Teasmade 843

Production of the 843 began in Northern Ireland in August 1972. It had a new style of housing in beige with the clock face now printed on a polished aluminium fascia. The control was now achieved by a circular switch on a clear perspex cover. It continued to use the large brass clock motor, which had now been in continuous production since 1947.

Marketing materials described it:

Chrome on copper kettle makes four cups in your own teapot. Clear clock and simple dial switch – useful when you’re sleepy! Magnolia with opal lampshade. Base only 7″ by 8.5″

In October 1973 Goblin agreed that the 843 was to be replaced by a new model number, the 853. This new model was launched in Autumn 1974.

1973 Metamec Teeboy A950

In the early 1970’s (about 1973) Metamec launched their own version of the Teeboy De-luxe. The name had been abandoned by Pifco when they took over the design. They used an existing Metamec clock with a lit dial, the A950. This teasmade was only made for a very short time.

Source: Clifford Bird, ‘Metamec The Clockmaker’, Dereham, Antiquarian Horological Society, 2003

1974 Goblin Teasmade 852 Queen Anne

Doug describes his Goblin 852 Queen Anne Teasmade:

The 852 Queen Anne is a rare combination of basic unit with deluxe kettle and teapot. As the base does not have the 4 studs to locate the teapot, I thought it may have been made up from spare bits but I am now sure that it is a genuine Goblin model. The teapot is the only one ever fitted and the kettle is a unique combination of late type body with D25 style hoop transfer tube. These items would have been used in the D25d Queen Anne. Both models were probably run out together and excess items used to make the basic 852 more attractive to the hotel industry.

1979 Goblin Compact Teasmade 883

The Goblin Compact 883 began life 100% Goblin. During the crossover period to Swan the 883 carried the Goblin name on the front but had a Swan Housewares Ltd plate identifying the model and serial number. It later appeared fully Swan branded, as the Swan Compact 10883.