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1932 Bombay Radio Company Teasmade

On November 22nd 1932 Mrs Joy Dorothy Virmani applied for a British Patent via Hatton Gardens patent agents Boult Wade and Tennant, for the largest teasmade I have ever seen! The application was on behalf of the Bombay Radio Company, then of 73-75 Marine Lines, opposite Marine Lines Station, Queen’s Road, Bombay, India. The Patent, number GB-396982-A, was for “Improvements in automatic apparatus for preparing hot beverages such as tea, coffee,cocoa and the like”. Continue reading 1932 Bombay Radio Company Teasmade

1936 Goblin Teasmade

Goblin purchased the rights to William Hermann Brenner Thornton’s design, and manufactured the first commercial Goblin Teasmade in 1937. It was made of plywood, and a lampshade “of a pleasing and modern design” was included. The kettle was chrome plated and was fitted with a patented element. It was available in two versions, The Alarm Model and the Day Model, and buyers could choose from a cream, green or blue finish. Continue reading 1936 Goblin Teasmade