1939 Goblin Teasmade D20

The second full production Goblin model was the Goblin D20. This Teasmade was a fabulous piece of Art Deco styling in a plywood case, which was often painted or wallpapered to match the bedroom decor! By now the Teasmade was in full production alongside Goblin’s range of electric clocks. It was acquiring great popularity as a desirable gift. Goblin used 250 demonstrators in department stores and electrical retailers around the UK to add weight to their advertising and promotion of the Teasmade.

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Maurice Collins

Maurice Collins owns a weird and wonderful selection of off-beat antique gadgets, including a clockwork burglar alarm, an electric hair-restoring comb, a finger stretcher, a mechanical envelope sealer and the world’s first ever Sat Nav. His collection also includes two clockwork teasmades. In this video he introduces us to some of the items in his collection and demonstrates Albert Richardson’s Teasmade. Continue reading Maurice Collins