Goblin Teasmade Leaflet Trimmed

Welcome to Teasmade.info!

A teasmade is a bedside appliance which combines the functions of an alarm clock and a tea maker to wake you up in the morning with a hot cup of tea. On this website you can browse teasmades by the date they were introduced, by inventor, or by manufacturer. The word teasmade is a genericised trademark. It currently belongs to Groupe SEB who own Tefal, and is used for teasmades made under their Swan Products brand.

The website is owned by me, Sheridan Parsons, aka “the teasmade queen”. It is an independent website and an online resource for other enthusiasts. The website is not connected with any manufacturer, retailer or repairer, (although from time to time Sheridan may publish information supplied by them). 

My interest in teasmades began in 2000. I wanted to start an unusual collection and I settled on teasmades when I was in a rebellious frame of mind. My first husband always disliked the bulk and noise of teasmades and adamantly refused to let me have one! At its peak my collection consisted of well over 150 teasmades (I stopped counting!) besides numerous kettles and clocks. I suspect that at that time it was the largest collection in the world. I now concentrate on collecting only the oldest and rarest models.

It is fitting that my maiden name was Green and now my married surname is Parsons, because the Goblin office was once based in Parson’s Green. My main delight comes from uncovering the hidden history of teasmades, which is dominated by innovative British industry. I love the thrill of the chase, and tracking down new models to share with website visitors. As a genealogist and trainee archivist, I also particularly enjoy researching the teasmade’s enthusiastic inventors. My favourite teasmade, the one with the yellow pot, was made in 1936. It was found in pristine condition under a house in Australia. My oldest teasmade, invented by George Absolom, was made in 1932.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has emailed information and photographs for the website and who will do so in the future. Without your help I would never have achieved so much.

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